Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor, Qatar

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Al Bayt stadium is one of the five new football stadiums being constructed in Qatar - the future host of FIFA 2022 Football World Cup. Stadium’s current capacity stands at 60,000 to allow hosting one semi-final game in 2022.

Peikko’s bolt connections, lifting items and rebar coupling systems were chosen for this prestigious project.

The concept of new Al Khor (40km north of Doha) stadium mimics the traditional Bedouin tent (Bayt Al Sha’ar), from which it also takes its name. Canvas-alike façade is dominated by black colour, but with strongly contrasting white stripes.  In original tents, the stripes were a way of signalling which tribe or family the tent belongs to. Also inside the stadium décor will resemble that from traditional tents with warm and cosy red color.

The stadium, surrounded by impressively landscaped plazas and parking sites, will not only meet all FIFA criteria, but also environmental and sustainability guidelines set out by LEED and GSAS standards. The Supreme Committee assured the stadium was designed in a way to allow hosting football at moderate temperatures even in summer heat.

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