BOD Group Innovation Center, Vilnius, Lithuania

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In 2021, BOD Group started the construction of a new innovation center next to its existing building in Mokslininkai street, Vilnius. It is planned that the innovative building will take care of its own heating and cooling systems, the solar power plant installed on the facade and roof of the building will produce all the electricity necessary for the maintenance of the building. 

In the 5-story building with a total area of almost 33,500 m², 5% or 12,000 m² will be assigned for a parking lot that will be designed on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building. The center will focus all the innovation and research potential of BOD Group, and an incubator for energy startups will be established here, which will contribute to the development of next-generation energy storage systems. It is planned that 22 million euros will be invested into the project.

Peikko Lietuva constructor Asta Puzinovienė, who contributed to the implementation of this project, notes that Peikko Lietuva supplied for this project DELTABEAM® Composite Beams, steel structures, PETRA® slab hangers, WELDA® Anchor Plates, HPM® Rebar Anchor Bolts, HPKM® Column Shoes, MODIX® Rebar Couplers, PVL® Connecting Loops, EBEA® Balcony Connectors and PSB® Reinforcement Systems. 1,062 m of DELTABEAM® Composite beams were used on the construction site. The project is unique of the following facts:

  • In the area of the parking lot, down stands in different heights were provided for the beam ledges, that allowed the necessary design slopes to be formed immediately during the installation of the slabs. Façade beams parallel to the design slab slope were mounted on PCs® Corbel Connections installed in the different altitudes. A hidden connections solution had also been designed for the internal beams of the car park. Thanks to all these solutions, a smooth surface with appropriate design slopes and without any additional topping / slope-forming concrete layer was obtained in the entire parking lot area; 
  • Beams with special cantilever formwork were designed in the corners of the building that created an opportunity to form a nice oval corner; 
  • On the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors cantilever beams were designed, on the ends of which the glass facade rests. Such a construction is particularly sensitive to any deflections. To reduce deformations, the cantilever parts were produced with a precamber; 
  • The length of the longest cantilever is 4.1 m; 
  • A special connection was formed by welding an additional tubular profile inside the DELTABEAM® Composite Beam for the free movement joint. This type of connection gives freedom of movement for the bolts and does not restrict the deformations of the temperature block. 
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Datos del proyecto

Tamaño del poyecto:
33,500 m2
UAB „Inovacijų ir verslo centras“
Empresa Constructora:
UAB „Keista"
Ingeniería, Calculista:
UAB „Inhus Engineering“, UAB „Baltic Engineers“
UAB „Milimetras“
Año de construcción:
Año de finalización:

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