Förseglet Mimer Hus B, Västerås, Sweden

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Several new residential buildings with Peikko's beam solution in the garage building.

In the district of Öster Mälarstrand in Västerås, the block förseglet is being built, which consists of a several new residential buildings. Located close to both the city center and Mälaren, the new quarter has a good location. The houses will be classified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver and Svanenmärket, which shows that the building has a low environmental impact and high energy efficiency. The neighborhood has a vision of being a car-free area, so there will be plenty of green areas and activity and social areas.

The project has used PETRA® of various models, both standardized and customized. PETRA® Slab Hanger is used to support hollow-core slabs and make openings and configurations into hollow-core slab floors. Also, PCs® and our hidden console PCs® have been used which is fire-protected and are easy to install between beam and column.

The frame consists of DELTABEAM® which has helped to create long spans with architectural freedom as there is room for more flexible floor plans and more surface area for the building's given height.

By using a DELTABEAM® solution with bolted connections a fast assembled slim floor construction was quickly erected, saving both space and time.

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Vi är väldigt nöjda med Peikko´s lösningar och service i projektet.

Boris Yukhin, Entreprenadingenjör på Peab Sverige AB

Datos del proyecto

14 &16 våningar
Bostads AB Mimer / NREP
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