Het Nieuwe Warenhuis, Eindhoven, Netherlands

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  • Centros Comerciales
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Space-saving, Efficient, fast, and simple construction with Peikko Frame solution

In the centre of Eindhoven, the old HEMA shop was demolished to make way for 'Het Nieuwe Warenhuis,' which offers space for curiosity, respects history, and is the place to shop in a city centre with international allure. 'Het Nieuwe Warenhuis' consists of three floors with two floors for retail and possibly a section for a food and beverage outlet.

The Peikko Frame solution contributes to all parties involved in this project, such as; a space-saving main support structure that provides additional area/m² for revenue. Also, don't forget the simple construction system that allowed the contractor to build fast, easily, and safely, creating ease of construction and construction time reduction.

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Datos del proyecto

Tamaño del poyecto:
4,500 m2
RJB Groep
Empresa Constructora:
Hurks b.v.
Ingeniería, Calculista:
Aveco de Bondt
EN/EN Architecten
Año de construcción:
Año de finalización:

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