Schlossplatzcenter, Hildburghausen, Germany

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The Schlossplatz Center in downtown Hildburghausen in central Germany was built on the former fortification that is located adjacent to the castle park named Schlosspark. Long spans with only a few supports and slim floors are possible due to Peikko's composite frame solution and pre-stressed concrete hollow-core slabs. The elimination of expensive formwork and the prefabrication of columns and supports brought about a significant reduction of the construction time.

A new shopping center is erected between the Schlosspark and the city center of Hildburghausen. Extensive commercial business premises are accommodated on two floors. On the upper floor, energy efficient homes for rent will be established with planted roof terraces. The position is particularly attractive because it provides easy access to the city center as access road between the Schlosspark and the market.

It quickly became apparent that a composite structure with the DELTABEAM® integrated into the slab represents the most sensible and economic solution. Peikko's DELTABEAM® has accomplished a composite effect between the steel and infill concrete to minimize the height of the support structure. Shear, pressure and tensile resistant connectors for a concrete wall above the DELTABEAM® are provided by MODIX® Rebar Couplers. MODIX® weld-on couplers are welded to the top plate of the beams to avoid time consuming rebar threading into the beam cross section and the entire system was assembled very quickly and reliable.

Peikko’s design components were accurately matched with and the elements of the other suppliers. The DELTABEAM®s, details and connections of the structure are designed so that the construction company can erect the structure on site in a simple sequence without any previous knowledge of the process of assembly. The low expenditure for in situ concrete structures was one of the decision criteria for choosing Peikko's Composite Frame Solution since most of the construction period was timed to fall into winter.

The situation was further complicated by the surrounding buildings, which meant that significant loads due to earth pressure had to be considered. Resulting horizontal loads were transferred via concrete floor slabs to the DELTABEAM®s and via beams into the stiffening walls. This posed an additional challenge to the design process.

Important aspects for the decision to utilize the system of composite steel columns and the DELTABEAM® were the height of the structure and economy as well as the fact that these components offered solutions that meet the highest fire protection requirements. Peikko components already offer R90 fire resistance properties – without extra cladding. This not only reduces costs but also saves valuable time and not to mention construction height or section width respectively. Architects and builders prefer slim components and structures from the view point of the design and economic aspects. The construction area and height was significantly reduced by using components with the slimmest dimensions possible. Consequently precious parking, residential and retail space as well as room height is gained, which is characteristic of the most prestigious office space. The cable routing for whole building services below the slab was simplified a great deal.

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Datos del proyecto

Tamaño del poyecto:
5 800 m2
Hildburghausen-Projekt-Management GmbH
Empresa Constructora:
Ehrlich und Böhme
Ingeniería, Calculista:
Ingenieurbüro DNK Damm-Nachtwey-Kopp, Duderstadt
Dr. Lickert Projektbau GmbH, Karlsruhe
Año de construcción:
Año de finalización:

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