Southbridge Goderich, Goderich, Canada

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Southbridge Goderich in Ontario showcases innovative construction in long-term care.

Southbridge Goderich, a mid-rise retirement home project located in Goderich, Ontario, exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to construction within the long-term care home sector. Historically, long-term care residences relied on cast-in-place concrete. However, in certain regions outside major urban centers, escalating costs and labor shortages have rendered this construction method financially impractical.

To overcome this challenge for the Southbridge Goderich project, the choice was made to use DELTABEAM® in conjunction with hollowcore planks. DELTABEAM® offers integrated fire resistance, while hollowcore slabs provide superior soundproofing.

Brandon Lawrence, of S.J. Lawrence Architect Incorporated, further explains this decision, stating, "We opted to combine hollowcore with DELTABEAM® to replicate the qualities of a concrete slab."

Currently, Southbridge Goderich is in construction, with an expected completion date in the summer of 2024. In this project, DELTABEAM® has proven to be a game-changing solution, effectively eliminating the need for additional beams beneath the slab and on-site fireproofing.

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"We decided to combine hollow core with DELTABEAM® to have the same qualities as a concrete slab."

Brandon Lawrence, S.J.Lawrence Architect Inc.

Datos del proyecto

Tamaño del poyecto:
105,600 m2
Tamaño del poyecto:
1,136,670 ft2
Southbridge Care Homes
Empresa Constructora:
VanDel Construction
Ingeniería, Calculista:
Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd.
S.J.Lawrence Architect Inc.
Fritz Alder Precast
Año de construcción:
Año de finalización:

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